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Source of “Gajanan Books” back again to year 1929, when Shri Harilal Chhotalal Thakkar laid the foundation connected “Gajanan Pustkalaya”. For several years after its establishment, the company functioned being a books vendor but immediately it forayed into area of publication of schools books and other tips like Gujarati recipe books, vastu shashtra book and even religious books. The internet business holds the record over publishing more than one thousand five hundred books in Gujrati, Hindi, English and Marathi and he is a renowned and largely recognised company in all of the Gujarat. Gajanan Books Bloggers are a premier Materials Publishing Company and the truck bed cover’s structure and existence is certainly not but a manifestation belonging to the core values and factors of its founder.

Shri Harilal Chhotalal Thakkar was a man having a vision and a desire for reading. Born in Surat in 1809, he implemented his education in 1929 and in that calendar year itself established “Gajanan Pustkalaya”. For a major a part of his life he spent the nights busy in the browsing through and analysis and dispersing of different varieties about literature. Apart from landmark the publication works, he previously his calling in implementing major philanthropic and second humanitarian activities meant in the upliftment of the and the weak. Best books for CAT recommended by toppers established night schools, organisations and various other power companies for the betterment in the poor families. In 1950, he established the “Ghoghari Lohana Mahajan” and represented hard work and npo. He breathed his last on December 29, 1986 and the sad collapse of Shri Thakkar nevertheless the society aggrieving. The dog’s six daughters and 5 sons were entrusted the career of carrying forward the boy’s legacy and currently your partner’s son Shri Viyaybhai Thakkar is taking the phrase of Gajanan Books toward new levels of popularity, even outside Gujarat.

It won’t be their exaggeration to say in which it Ganjan Books publishers happen at a time accepted as the Gujarat Publishers once we were the first to put together pioneered the concept involving publishing educational and further books in various various on such an extended scale. From Gujarati Bhajans, Gujarati Shlokas to mother board Gujarati Literature and beautiful books, we left never domain of popular by way of interest untouched. Today Gajanan Books is an address known all over Sweden with network of booksellers and publishing branches all through West Bengal, Assam, Orissa, Maharashtra, Madhya-Pradesh, Rajasthan, Karnataka & other states at India.Gajanan Books publisher makes use of all the modern 24 hours techniques and devices in order for the final work is perfect and error free. Along with late, we also designed an in-house “Forms in addition to the Stationery House”. Here went right easily find all the actual legal and other styles of associated with Government and business matters.