Remailers And Remailing Services – Legitimate Or Hoax

Firstly one must do before even considering using a remailer service, that can be a service that remails your own letters & cards their own place, is to search the web sites of such services. one time email address of them that you looked at appeared to be run by amateurs, whom are not real companies, however very untrained people whom are simply trying to make a dollar, on the misery of others whom have major issues in their individual lives.

We just found one website that looked much like a real business, it was situated in Pennsylvania, as it did have ample evidence it was operational, thus we then did the test mailing with them. We sent a letter which was addressed to a friend of mine in another state, Tony horton created already stamped and addressed. We downloaded and printed an order form from the web site you had been testing, and enclosed the needed fee for the products and services. You then put everything into a larger letter & sent this to the snail mail remail service in The Keystone State.

What we discovered, could be that the day that the parcel arrived, it was mailed from their place, aside from the postmark definitely proves here. My friend in Virginia received the test letter 2 days later without issue at all. The service was fast, efficient, as well as worth the $ 2 that I spent for that test. We had practically nothing but bad luck to report with the other three internet sites our company later on tested, as none of the additional people followed through, & my friend never received the other test everything.

Our conclusion is the indisputable fact that only eighty to 90 % of the websites that claim they remail letters for an individual either fake or no longer in business. This is sad, as there are often possibly lots of individuals this age that really have to put a barrier between themselves, and a stalker, a particular ex spouse or perhaps a jilted lover.Be cautious whenever deciding on a company to do this work for you. The evidence suggests that only a few are value utilizing, yet in their defense of make certain you did get a great response from, the price point was right as well as the service great

The creator of this article, Bernie Henwityr a great authority on confidentiality and related problems. He is a business advisor to many businesses that provide anonymous mail services this is regarded being a confirmed vendor of inside important information and at present consults PA Mailing Professional services.