Borrowing Money – Type of Loans

Loans can be divided into categories, types and varieties. Depending on your loan goal, you can always find an appropriate loan. When calculating your maximum loan, lenders look at your financial and personal situation. On our website we will in any case inform you about the most popular and common forms of lending. There is always a financing that matches your spending goal and possibilities!


Safe online money borrowing

Safe online money borrowing

If you decide to take out a loan online, it is important that you know who you are doing business with. You can check with the AFM website with whom you do business and whether this company has the right permits. Here you will find warnings or news items about companies that do not meet the requirements. In this way you reduce the chance that you do business with malicious or illegal companies that are eager to lift you up or try to sell you too expensive loans.

The AFM regularly receives reports about companies where you can borrow money and in which you first have to pay an amount before the amount to be borrowed will be transferred to your account. These are well-known scamming practices. Do not step into this either! You never have to transfer money to borrow money.

On you will find some providers where you can borrow money with peace of mind. It is advisable to request multiple free offers so that you can get a clear picture of your options, the amount of the amount to be borrowed and the interest offered to the relevant lenders.


Types of loans

Types of loans

There are different types of loans. Which loan best suits your needs depends on your lending goal. Here you can read about the different forms of lending and where these are usually used. With us you can choose from a wide range of known and less well-known ‘consumer loans’. A consumer credit is a loan in which the loan objective is always a consumption expenditure. There are several species. The personal loan and the revolving credit are the best examples of this. These are in principle multi-usable.

So you can take out these loans for the financing of consumer goods, such as a new car or camper, a new kitchen, a renovation or making your home more sustainable OR just to have some extra money on hand. Sometimes it is smarter and cheaper to opt for a different type of loan. For example, when you need a small amount of money once. Then the mini-loan can offer a solution. And if you want to make your payments abroad safely, then a credit card is a good option.

Determine which form of borrowing money is suitable for you

If you want to borrow money, you can choose from quite a lot of different types of loans. Okay, a loan is and remains a loan. But it is important to choose a form of financing that fits perfectly with your loan goal. Determine which loan is suitable for you, even before you compare lenders. In short, we explain below the differences between the 4 best-known consumer loans. Here are also variants (think of eg the ‘green loan’, ‘red standing at the bank’, ‘private lease’, et cetera …).


Benefits personal loan

Choose a personal loan and you automatically opt for security. From € 2,500 you can borrow up to 3-decimal places from most lenders. You pay a fixed amount per month. A part of interest is included in this. The term is fixed in advance. The same applies to the level of interest. Thanks to these fixities, you know exactly how much the personal loan will cost you in total.

Borrow money for a car, camper, caravan, refurbishment or other larger expenses? Borrow a large amount with the personal loan! The money is deposited into your account in one go. The loan amount can not be withdrawn after repayment.


Flexibility with revolving credit

On the other hand, on- going credit is more suitable for expenditure whose exact costs can not be properly estimated. With an ongoing loan, you can, for example, cover unexpected costs. You can think of sudden repair costs for your car, replacing kitchen appliances, buying new furniture, et cetera. You can withdraw money (up to the limit) whenever it suits you. You only pay interest on the amount you withdraw. You can always withdraw any amounts repaid. This credit continues because: No term is agreed. Incidentally, the interest rate is variable. It can both drop in your favor and rise to your disadvantage.


Quickly borrow money with the miniature loan

It is an expensive form of borrowing money. In this case we are talking about the mini-loan (also known as ‘mini-credit’ or ‘flash loan’). If you need a little money urgently and are not eligible for a small revolving credit or personal loan, it is often possible to borrow € 100.- up to a maximum of € 750.- from a provider of mini loans. The money amount is usually on the account within a few minutes to a few days. The disadvantage of these small loans is the short term (often up to 21 to 30 days) and the high closing costs.


Pay securely worldwide with the best credit card

Do you regularly order goods via the internet? Do you make your purchases online abroad? Or would you like to travel and would you like to be able to make your payments anywhere and at any time and as safely as possible? Then order a credit card (credit card) from a bank. This can be your own bank, but that is not mandatory. With us you can compare good and cheap credit cards. With a credit card you can easily withdraw money (also at ATMs), make online purchases and resolve when you want. Incidentally, you are usually obliged to pay cash withdrawals and purchases within one month. The credit card loan is in fact a revolving credit.


How much money can I borrow?

“How much money can I borrow?” Banks, lenders and loan sites are often unclear about this. You just want to know immediately how many euros you can borrow and do not have to fill out long forms. We understand that like no other! That is why you can quickly and easily calculate how much money you can borrow from using You select any provider on our website and fill in the following information in the calculation tool:

  • the spending goal;
  • the type of employment;
  • the level of your income;
  • your fixed costs (rental property / owner-occupied home, alimony).


Compare online interest rates money borrowing

The interest rates for borrowing usually change once a month. It can therefore pay off to regularly monitor and compare interest rates for money. It is best to compare 3 well-known loan providers. Compare these providers fairly honestly. By this we mean that you always use the same loan amount, loan goal and term (if any) when you compare loans.

On the basis of these factors, the interest rate is partly determined. You can find the current interest rates that they use on the website of every bank or lender. Interest rate comparison of loans has never been easier!


What loan conditions do lenders use?

What loan conditions do lenders use?

Whether you opt for a cheap revolving credit, the best personal loan, a low-interest car loan or directly borrowing 500 euros or 750 euros: You must meet a number of conditions for borrowing from every bank and lender . Do not just blind yourself to the lowest interest rate but also pay attention to these things:

  • Are you required to take out a term life insurance policy?
  • Does the interest remain the same during the term or is it variable?
  • Can you pay off faster and without penalty?
  • If you make your installment payment too late, what costs are connected?


BKR registration a problem?

Yes. Then you have a problem. Because you can not take out a loan with a negative BKR registration. You can not borrow money with negative coding from any credit provider. However, with a negative BKR you may be able to borrow a small amount of money with a mini loan. Incidentally, a BKR code automatically disappears after 5 years.


Request tender money

Request tender money

Now the time has come for you to apply for a loan quote. Requesting a loan quote is very easy. But make sure that you fill in all data truthfully. If your request has been sent, your quotation will immediately be processed and checked by the relevant authority. We can not view your details since we are not intermediaries. We only provide information about loans.