A consolidated loan for family benefits and alimony



Is it possible to get a consolidated loan for family benefits and maintenance? Well, yes. Some of the generally available non-bank companies provide consolidated loans to persons whose main income is family benefits or alimony. On our website, you can apply for a consolidated loan of up to PLN 25,000. Perhaps this amount will allow you to meet current needs or pay off your liabilities. No formalities and certificates are required, and the entire process takes place online.

Loan for family benefits and alimony

Alimony consolidated loan – What to know?

When you take out a maintenance consolidated loan or other family benefits, you should take into account the effect of having an additional installment on your household budget. If you now pay off any payday consolidated loans or installment consolidated loans, the additional amount may be too high for your home budget every month. It is worth taking a card and a pen, as well as writing out your monthly income and expenses. Then add the installment of the consolidated loan to the amount of expenses. About 10-15% of monthly revenues should be a safety buffer to cover unexpected expenses and obligations, eg a mandate, washing machine repair or lost wallet.

By choosing such a strategy, you can minimize the risk of falling into debt, and this is very popular among people whose only income is benefits from various offices, or alimony. As you know, alimony for even a few children is enough to cover basic needs. Like benefits from the labor office or social assistance. So, the natural instability of some people in the absence of money is a quick payday or a consolidated loan. In this case, if your monthly income is only enough to cover basic needs, then it may be worth questioning the idea of ‚Äč‚Äčadditional indebtedness and a new monthly consolidated loan installment.

Do lenders willingly provide consolidated loans for family benefits?

Unfortunately, for people on benefits, consolidated loan companies prefer a customer profile with a contract of employment and systematic payments in this respect. It’s best for at least a year. However, it is not said that they do not grant consolidated loans to people who receive income from another title. Several companies, including ours, accept applications submitted by customers whose main income is family benefits, social benefits or alimony paid by one of the parents. In addition to account receipts, credit history is of course important. It’s best if it’s good. However, in another case, if the potential customer has entries in the BIK BIG or KRD databases, the situation may be difficult. This does not immediately interrupt the application of the borrower, but it will reduce his chances of obtaining a positive decision. Also, people who have more debt in the form of unpaid consolidated loans have a chance to get help in financing their current needs.

When to borrow and when not?

There are situations when a consolidated loan for family benefits and alimony may have a beneficial effect on the long-term finances of our home, but there are also the opposite. Most often, however, there are situations when an unconscious consumer becomes indebted without having money to pay off his debts. Or he repays one consolidated loan, a consolidated loan. This leads to a spiral of debt, which in the long-term brings only more debts and financial problems. Such situations should definitely be avoided. Above, we described the method of how to measure whether we will be able to pay off our liabilities. All you need to do is spend 5 minutes to quickly analyze your economic situation. And who knows, it may allow to avoid later bad entries in BIK BIG KRD databases. It is not a dream of any borrower after all.

So when you definitely should not reach for consolidated loans, we have already explained. So in what situation is it worth to indebt? If it is not necessary, it is best not to do it, of course. Unfortunately, you have to admit that not every private person has such luxury. Because family benefits for children and alimony allow for covering only basic needs, a private person is often unable or unable to save. So any urgent expenditure that falls outside the monthly payment must be financed by a consolidated loan.

alimony loan

How should people who are living on benefits should improve their financial situation?

Of course, if this is an urgent matter. Such things can definitely include money for a professional who will repair a broken refrigerator or a washing machine. Or cash for the repair of the leaking roof, especially in winter seasons. In this case, it is advisable to stop the problem as soon as possible, for your own good and especially for the children’s well-being. In such situations, however, lessons should be learned. You can not live your whole life like this. It is necessary to start learning saving (everyone can do it, no matter how much they earn monthly) and increase their monthly income.

Thanks to this, it will be possible to avoid such a situation in the future, and perhaps to raise your life rate. Probably everyone would be happy if that happened, unfortunately not everyone wants to save.


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